3 Maintenance Tips for Your Roof This Fall

As the temperature in the air and leaves begin to change, we know winter is not too far away from us here in New England. Fall is the best time to do some maintenance around your home and roof to prepare for winter storms ahead of time. So next time you’re outside, or have a day to tidy up, throw some roof maintenance on your to do list for the day!

1. Clean Out Your Gutters

This is probably the most important tip we can give you when it comes to your roof and the seasons changing. If gutters are cluttered with wet leaves they can freeze and help form ice dams. They can also lead to melting in the spring causing weight or water damage. 

These leaves that have changed colors and begin to fall, don’t just fall in your yard. They fall all over your roof and end up in your gutter systems. While we’re on top of the roof cleaning out your gutters pay close attention to any tree branches that might be hanging over your roof. Are they rotting? Will they survive a heavy snow storm or wind? If you believe the answer is no, take some time to trim those branches so it’s not something you might have to worry about later.

2. Make Repairs

You can do this yourself, but we highly recommend calling in some professional help. Sometimes shingles can fall off from weather during the summer months, and if you notice some shingles missing it’s extremely important to get those fixed right away! When shingles are missing it leaves that part of the roof extremely vulnerable and susceptible to more damage. 

3. Get an Inspection!

Last, but certainly not least, call H&H Exteriors to set up a roof inspection to make sure your roof is ready to go for the winter months. Sometimes you can’t see an issue from the ground as a homeowner, and getting up on the roof is dangerous. We highly suggest calling a professional who knows what they’re looking for and is trained to look for the specific weaknesses a roof could possibly have.