Don’t Wait to Get Your Roof Done

The Time is Now to Schedule Service

The time is NOW – Do not wait any longer to get your roof done! It’s summertime, the kids are home, we’re going on vacations and our minds are anywhere but routine home maintenance. But, right now is the most important time to be thinking about getting your roof done before the winter. Many homeowners don’t think about fixing the roof until New England is about to  experience our first snow fall, but by then it’s far too late. Here are some reasons you should schedule to get your roof done before the fall!

We Book Up... FAST!

Not just us, any and all roofing contractors become booked so fast. Especially when summer vacation has come to an end. It’s like everyone in the area suddenly realizes winter is on its way and their roof may not be able to survive another winter. Unfortunately, usually when this happens all the roofing contractors are already booked into next spring for roofing repairs. Think about this early so you’re not worried about the next storm that could hit.

COVID Shortages Still Effecting Small Businesses

The pandemic sparked homeowners to invest more in their home improvements which caused lumber, plywood and paint shortages throughout the country. This is actually slowing down the regular construction time as contractors are waiting for certain materials to become available. If you book in advance and take the time now to research the specific materials you want used for your project, come spring hopefully this shortage is over. Placing your order now will make it so when it is time for your roof repairs, you will not have to wait on materials. 


It seems as though everyone chooses to think about their roofing maintenance at the exact same time during the year. If you decide to be an early bird and book now you will not have to wait! It’s as simple as that – book now while the kids are still at home. Make sure you’re not scrambling to find someone who may have an opening before that first snowfall in the northeast! Contact us TODAY!