Prepare Your Roof For Winter

Prepare Your Roof For Winter

Winter is approaching, time to get your roof ready for the harsh elements. Your roof is the barrier that stands between your family and the harsh weather, so it is very important  that it is functioning well and able to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. Taking a few simple steps to avoid winter roofing problems before the cold weather sets in will help your roof withstand the coming storms, and give you confidence that your home will remain safe and dry in the coming months.

1. Check The Attic For Signs Of Water Damage

2. Remove Debris

3.Clean Out Your Gutters

4. Trim Low Hanging Branches

5. Get Your Roof Professionally Inspected

6. Check Chimney For Leaks

Winterizing your roof is a necessary step to take every single year! But it might not guarantee that your roof won’t be affected by snow and ice throughout the winter. Keep an eye out for signs of roof damage throughout the season, especially after heavy storms.

If you find yourself in need of a professional roofing company this winter, make sure to give H&H Exteriors a call! Our expert roofers are highly qualified and trained to identify all kinds of roof damage and conduct necessary repairs. Schedule your free estimate today to start the process!