Ice Dams & Why You Need to Clean Your Gutters

As the holidays begin to approach that makes many of us remember that snow and colder weather is also on its way. Wind, rain, snow etc can all impact our home’s roof, but one of the most important issues to avoid this winter for your home are ice dams. 

What is an Ice Dam?

An ice dam happens when it snows, and then the temperature begins to rise, then drop again. Overtime, this allows for snow to melt and then keep refreezing at the bottom of your roof. This keeps building overtime and creates an issue called an ice dam. These ice dams are even easier to form when a gutter system has not been cleaned out before the snow falls. Once it snows, if there are leaves, twigs or other debris inside the gutter, the snow just begins to pile on top of that inside the gutter. This will lead to ice dams forming even more quickly!

What Does an Ice Dam Look Like?

Ice dams are easy to identify! They are the big giant icicles on the side of your home after a heavy and cold storm begins to melt and refreeze. These icicles may look beautiful, but they can be extremely damaging to our homes. These dams block the gutters and then prevent snow from draining properly. As a quick result, your home’s roof will begin to take in water, providing costly damage. 

Where are Ice Dams Most Common?

The most common place to find an ice dam form is above the bathroom window. Many people take to steamy hot showers in the winter, and then will open their bathroom window to help air out the steam. This mixture of hot air and snow starts forming those beautiful, damaging icicles. 

How Can I Prevent Ice Dams?

The best way to prevent ice dams is to hire a professional, like H&H Exteriors, to install a deicing system inside your gutter before it snows. This needs to be done right after a gutter is cleaned thoroughly. Once H&H Exteriors installs your deicing system, your home will be ready to face any weather that comes its way!