The Importance of Roof Cleaning

The Importance of Roof Cleaning

Cleaning off your home’s roof can do more than just make it look better, it can actually help it last longer. There are many tasks homeowners do to maintain their home including power washing the siding, mowing the lawn, repainting the deck, why not add cleaning the roof to the mix? The roof is one of the most important areas to keep clean, and not just for aesthetic reasons, it can help avoid costly damage. 

Below is a list of ways to keep your roof in tip top shape before you might need to call in a professional.

Prevent Ice Formation in The Winter

There are some dams that form at the edge of roofs when ice begins to melt as a result of not cleaning off the snow. This can begin to form a large ice wall at the edge of the roof preventing the rest of the water from falling off of the roof. Over time this can begin to be too heavy for the roof which can be very dangerous. 

Roof Mold & Moss

Sometimes roofs begin to form bacteria, algae, and moss because it is outside and experiences all of the elements. Your roof is exposed to all of these elements 24/7 while protecting you and your family, so this is normal and nothing to be too concerned about, but definitely needs to be caught early on. This mold or moss can actually start turning your shingles on the roof different colors, and become aesthetically unpleasant to look at. But more importantly, moss and mold grow in wet environments, which means this could lead to water damage on your roof.

Repair & Cleaning Go Hand in Hand

Roof cleaning is very important when maintaining your roof. That means continuously checking the roof to be clear of dirt, debris, snow and other elements. It’s easy to forget about our roof with all the other maintenance that goes into taking care of a home. When neglect takes place it is important to call in the professionals. H&H Exteriors can give you peace of mind and take care of this chore for you, call today for a free estimate!