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Vacation Homes

Hi there! 

We are Lucius and Titus, two beautiful Brittany pups. Our owner, James, owns H & H Exteriors. We’ve heard him saying his dad has been serving New Hampshire with H&H Exteriors for over 43 years – 301 dog years! Pretty cool if you ask us!

Our days are usually pretty jam packed – in between belly rubs, chasing squirrels and begging for James’s lunch (hopefully something with peanut butter), we don’t usually have a lot of time on our paws. But lately we thought we would jump on here to help give you some advice and show you our best tricks! H&H Exteriors is a family business, sometimes our owner even brings us to estimating projects. Next job site you see us at, make sure you scratch behind Titus’s ears, he really likes that. Anyway, it’s summertime, which means lots of squirrels have been out, so we’ve been pretty preoccupied. But we heard James saying how it’s the best time to start thinking about updating your vacation home.

It takes a while to commit to making home renovations, they’re time consuming and costly. But the best part about working with our owner and his company is they’re the best people, and very understanding. He knows the job has to be done on time and within budget, because he has to get home in time to feed us dinner! 

This summer while you’re enjoying your relaxing lakeside vacation home, make an appointment to see us. We show up in James’s white truck and you’ll know it’s us because we love putting our heads out the window! Maybe you can even make sure you have a treat for us before we get there, preferably something with peanut butter. 

Schedule some time with James and us now to get all the details planned out – so when you’re away after the summer, H&H Exteriors can update your roofing or siding on your home. Make sure you schedule this now, before H&H gets booked for the fall, there is also a rush and crunch time right before winter. The next time you go back to your vacation home it will look brand new, and Lucius and Titus approved. 


Wag on,

Lucius, Titus & the H&H Team   

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