Why You Should Not Shovel Your Roof

For years people have been shoveling their roof, and every year roofing companies get calls in the dead of winter that after shoveling, their roof is now leaking. H&H Exteriors is asking people to stop shoveling their roofs for good! You might be tempted looking at all of the snow your roof is holding, but in reality it’s extremely dangerous and you will end up doing more harm than good. 

Reasons Not To Shovel Your Roof:

1. It’s Dangerous

A roof is high off of the ground, and at a slant that can be hard for most people to stand on. Now just mix in ice, snow, water etc you are way more likely to slip and fall and hurt yourself.

2. Your Roof is Built for This

As long as your roof or home was built by a licensed and certified contractor, they know what they’re doing. Your entire home should be built up to code and is capable of withstanding the weight of the snow on the roof.

3. It Removes Shingles

Half the people climbing up on top of a roof do not even realize how deep they are scraping off the snow. Every year many people end up scraping off their shingles, causing extreme damage and vulnerability to your home’s roof. This is going to lead to water leaking through the roof and even less lack of insulation, which can even cause heating bills to go up.

“But I Have Ice Dams”

Some people may argue that the ice dams need to be cleared away immediately. But in reality, this might be a bigger problem. If your roof has ice dams, it simply means your roof is not properly insulated. 


H&H Exteriors is asking everyone this year DO NOT SHOVEL YOUR ROOF. If you have a serious concern after a storm and think your roof need attention because of the condition or age. Please call a professional right away! It is not worth hurting yourself or damaging your roof even more. Both would cause financial burdens! Give H&H a call today to schedule an inspection for your roof, and we are happy to listen to any questions or concerns you have during these crazy New England winters.