Why You Should Not Shovel Your Roof

For years people have been shoveling their roof, and every year roofing companies get calls in the dead of winter that after shoveling, their roof is now leaking. H&H Exteriors is asking people to stop shoveling their roofs for good! You might be tempted looking at all of the snow your roof is holding, but … Read more

3 Ways to De-Ice Your Roof

Well winter is here and storms are soon on their way. You might notice after a storm your roof has begun to collect ice dams, and if you have read our most recent blog about ice dams, you know this can lead to serious problems down the road. We have curated some ways below on … Read more

How Storm Damage Can Affect Your Roof

There are many different types of storms, and throughout New England we experience numerous weather conditions that can change in the blink of an eye. The weather here can be unpredictable and change as fast as it comes in. That being said, it is extremely important to inspect our homes after a storm. Our home’s … Read more

New England Rain & Your Roof

New England is full of all different seasons, and although the spring is mostly known for the rainy weather, the fall is also known to have its fair share of rain. In the North East, the Atlantic still sometimes experiences tropical storms. The hurricane season for the Atlantic Ocean is from June to November, and … Read more

Shingle Master CertainTeed

Roofing Contractor

What Does This Mean? A roofing system is an important investment to all homeowners. Quality roofing systems are meant to last for a long time, and trusted technicians help give peace of mind of installation from start to finish. Roofing material excellence goes hand in hand with expertise of installation, they both play an important … Read more

The Importance of Roof Cleaning

The Importance of Roof Cleaning Cleaning off your home’s roof can do more than just make it look better, it can actually help it last longer. There are many tasks homeowners do to maintain their home including power washing the siding, mowing the lawn, repainting the deck, why not add cleaning the roof to the … Read more